About Us

PHANCIR was founded in 2020 specializing in research and development for a variety of Home & Kitchen products. Our goal is to provide the best products, from design to functionality, to your home. PHANCIR looks past sales numbers, and deeper into the consumer’s lifestyle to evaluate each product’s opportunity for improvement, strategize how they can be redesigned, and most importantly, how can we bring our consumers the best quality products at a competitive price.

As a developing corporation, PHANCIR seeks to build upon the opportunity and talents available in this wonderful city, in order to be the best competitor in the field. PHANCIR currently has a warehouse in Pendleton OR where our on-site engineers inspect and test products, our designers constantly work to discover how products can be better, and our outsourcing team ventures around the world to find ways to make products of the best possible material while giving consumers the lowest price possible.